The Body Code is the most sophisticated and complete method of energy healing that allows to identify and correct anything that is wrong in the body. The Body Code is not meant to replace any medical treatment, but by fixing the underlying imbalances in the body, it triggers the body’s self-healing ability. As a result, pain, malfunction and disease often disappear, immune system is boosted and emotional issues become manageable or non existent.


As a certified Body Code Practitioner, I use The Body Code 2.0 that has over 280 hyperlinks which include all the systems pertaining to the human body. Whether it is a viral infection or an ongoing health issue, the Body Code can remove imbalances to help the body heal.

 Most ailments, whether it is an allergy, cough, a migraine, chronic pain, depression, or digestion issue, are caused by imbalance of one of these categories:


  • Energies – such as trapped emotions, psychic traumas, unhealthy cords, curses, entities or post hypnotic suggestions

  • Circuits & Systems – such as meridians, chakras, physical or spiritual disconnects and systemic imbalances etc.

  • Toxins – heavy metals, chemicals, vaccinations, EM specturm and pesticides etc.

  • Pathogens – such as mold, parasites, fungal, viral and bacterial infections

  • Misalignments– misaligned bones, nerves, disks, muscles, organs and glands

  • Nutritional & Lifestyle – such as food/vitamin/mineral deficiency, dehydration, magnetic field imbalance, spiritual/physical malnutrition, exercise and sleep


As Dr. Bradley always says: “anything can cause anything”, this approach let’s us be open and flexible and helps to identify and correct imbalances one at a time. This method is quick, non-invasive, and can be done from any distance.  You can be in the comfort of your home while I release these energies from you!