The Emotion Code

The Emotion Code is the latest form of energy healing created by Dr. Bradley Nelson using muscle-testing (Kinesiology) to determine which negative emotions are trapped in your body, and then releasing each trapped emotion one at a time. 

The Body Code

The Body Code is the most sophisticated and complete method of energy healing that allows to identify and correct anything that is wrong in the body. The Body Code is not meant to replace any medical treatment, but by fixing the underlying imbalances in the body, it triggers the body’s self-healing ability. As a result, pain, malfunction and disease often disappear, immune system is boosted and emotional issues become manageable or non existent.

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There is no other feeling as good as getting healed of all the known and unknown bothersome that one has been through. A peaceful mind is a blessing to have. Applause to aishaheals’s amazing Emotion code therapy. It is worth trying. Those sessions did the best to me. Earlier, I thought, “would I ever be able to put off all that is on my nerves and get a breath?” Later, after taking the Emotion Code sessions, I am pleased with the results. There is no more anxiety, pessimism, panic attacks or negativity. I got rid of the heart wall. I am relieved. I am peaceful. I am up high with the hopes and more passionate towards my work than ever before. I am happy..... and for that, I am thankful to you Aisha. You did a commendable job. I am satisfied with the privacy rules that you follow for the sessions. On top of that, your way of communication is so dearly that puts one on ease and builds a trust to share the heart out. I will highly recommend this Emotion Code therapy to everyone. It’s like meeting the lighter, happy and a new you. I wonder how I had pulled on with so much of load on my heart for that long. I will definitely be calling you out for the follow ups in the future as well. Feeling content. Thank you very much aishaheals :) keep healing!


Jane A, USA