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The Shift Experience

Activate your healing at the deepest level through subconscious reprogramming and light medicine healing



You might be going in circles, trying different methods and treatments to heal yourself, but not enough desirable results…

But do you know that there’s one most valuable resource that you’re constantly losing in this process… TIME!

You’re losing TIME you could’ve spent with your family

You’re losing TIME you could’ve spent to excel in your career

You’re losing TIME you could’ve spent to enjoy every bit of your life

Hey… It’s never too late!

Want some guidance to break this tight cycle and old patterns of subconscious beliefs?

I know the first step is always the hardest but WORTH it.


Let me help you with energetic recalibration and recuperation so you can experience QUICK SHIFTS just like that!

Accelerate your self-healing abilities with my virtual group healing program

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The SHIFT is a powerful

combination of light medicine and energy healing to bring transformations on deep quantum levels by releasing your energetic blocks and traumatic experiences

It might sound like a magical notion, but it is in you to create your own happiness. 



And I am here to lock arms with you and show you how to

do this easily and effortlessly



Get ready to tap into your authentic, powerful, and energetic self – that too – from the comfort of your home

I understand how we all are engrossed in our daily lives that we even neglect to prioritize our wellbeing. It’s easy to get weighed down with responsibilities and lose sight of your healing when you’re stuck in a rut.

But now…

You don’t have to be present for your sessions anymore – instead healing energies will meet you wherever you are – and will release what needs to be released for your greatest and highest good. Isn’t it amazing?

Just set your intentions right and I’ll assist you in balancing your energies which otherwise make you stagnant and hinder growth.


This is your chance to heal and work on yourself at energetic, spiritual, dimensional, multiverse, and omniverse levels

The benefits are endless!

Behind this beautiful visual world, there is a complex and entangled network of energies that connects everything. I’ll not just assist you to clear the blocks from your energy field, but also how you can restore your consciousness sovereignty and remember your true innate potential. This program is specifically designed to help you: 

Clear multiple timelines and dimensions to achieve harmony and healing on deeper levels, quickly and effortlessly

Work with the superconscious and subconscious mind to decode the root cause of your symptoms and activate powerful light energies to heal

Strengthen your spiritual connection with the Divine

Create your desired future reality by aligning your energies with the divine blueprint

Align your highest self with divine love, light and truth

Clear ancestral, generational, and relationship blocks

Clear any resistance hindering your healing

Restore your consciousness sovereignty by clearing any energetic interferences

Vaporize limiting beliefs, generational anger, and self-doubt

Activate the positive morphic field of oneness, peace, love, and harmony

While everybody experiences this healing differently, this program can bring shifts in your lives in multiple ways depending on your unique needs at the time of healing

So, what are you waiting for?

Liberate yourself from limiting beliefs and resistance and embark on a journey of clarity and purpose. Great breakthroughs in your career, relationships, and health await you!


Awaken your inner power to achieve your true potential, emotional stability, and deeper healing


Here's little more about me...

My soul calling of being a Subconscious and energy healing practitioner has led me to impact the lives of sensitive souls all over the world – who have tried everything and have lost hope in their healing – because I was once there and now I know how powerful it is when we master the art of balancing our energies for healing ourselves.

After going through many traumatic losses in my life, one after another, I was determined to find a way out of my pain and when I managed to overcome my pain and trauma, It became my passion to help other sensitive souls shift their energy so they can experience peace, prosperity, better health, and fulfilling relationships.

With over 17 years of extensive training across the globe world-renowned healers and spiritual teachers, I have come up with The Shift which is a beautiful infusion of spiritual, energy healing, light medicine, my intuition, and scientifically proven tools to rapidly create massive transformative changes for my clients.

I’m trained in Emotion Code™, Body Code™, PSYCH-K®, Light Medicine Practice, Reiki, Fourth Dimension energy healing techniques and have created my unique integrative approach to bring the shifts rapidly.

If you are seeking healing and determined to transcend beyond your pain and trauma, let’s work together and get you there.


How does the SHIFT experience work?

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I will facilitate the healing and once the process is complete, you will receive an email with the findings, healing blocks cleared and next steps for processing and integration.

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According to each person’s individual needs, the SHIFT healing works differently. You will experience exactly what is required for your soul’s greatest and highest good according to where you are at in your healing process. You might experience peace, clarity, harmony, emotional and physical relief, shifts in any area of your life, and faster manifestations.

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The process will be repeated for the duration of the SHIFT experience. You can also set new intentions before each session and then allow the healing energies to work for you.


Purchase a spot that works for you and share your healing intentions with me. You will get a confirmation email and you are all set.

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To help further accelerate the healing process for you, ascension energies will be sent to you remotely. These energies are part of the most advanced light medicine healing system and will help to remove and release any negative and unwanted energies from your field. This is also done remotely and you will be notified when the process is complete.

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You will share your personal experience before the next SHIFT session and will have a chance to ask any questions from me via email or voxer  so that I can assist you personally.


What's in for me in each Session?


60 to 90 minutes of healing in each session


Specific healing tools and journal prompts to

assimilate the effects of healing


60 minutes after each session


Direct access to Aisha via email and voice

messaging throughout the program

It’s about time to release energetic imprints of distress, regret, and unprocessed emotional or physical trauma from your life because YOU DESERVE THE BEST!

The SHIFT offers 3 virtual sessions integrated over 3 weeks.

Each session offers intense healing with quantum energy – giving your mind and body a little nudge to hum in tune – so you can uplift and embark on a self-awakening journey.

Week 1
Mental and Emotional Cleanse

Everything that is wrong with our mind, body and soul started with an energetic misalignment of some sort. These energetic misalignments later show up in form of physical discomfort, mental fatigue, emotional instability and spiritual malnourishment. We start off by clearing this energetic debris from your being. We’ll clear the energetic imprints from your emotional and energetic bodies. The focus of this week is to clear Trapped Emotions, emotional habits and addictions, negative and projected thought forms, and to restore consciousness sovereignty. If you are a sensitive soul, your emotional body sovereignty is most likely to be compromised. We will work on healing it and balancing the empathy scale.

  • Clearing Trapped emotions, emotional habits and addictions

  • Clearing energies that are impacting your consciousness sovereignty

  • Full body scan of emotional and energetic blocks and clearing them

  • Chakras cleansing, balancing, communication and integration

  • New chakras integration check and balancing where needed

  • Restoring Emotional body sovereignty

  • Balancing empathy scale- Positive morphic fields

Week 2
Energetic and Spiritual Cleanse

If you feel there are unseen and undescribable hurdles and blocks in your life, this week’s shift energies will help you release them. This shift will be specifically targeted to heal the energy leakages that might be disrupting your well-being.

  • Clearing impacts of toxic EMF radiations from your energy field

  • Clearing energetic toxins, weapons, infections, saboteurs

  • Clearing sleep realms and any imbalances in the astral body

  • Reset of Energy Qi production, storage and processing

  • Clearing any offensive energy attachments

  • Closing entity portals, cords and repairing universal shields

  • Clearing reverse shields, negative cords, curses, oaths

  • Positive morphic fields

Week 3
Relational and Generational Cleanse

Do you struggle to experience love, peace and harmony in your relationships? This week is focused on clearing any relational imbalances that are impacting the quality of your relationships. We will clear the energies and cords from any past relationships that are hindering your life and current relationships. You will be able to make room for new harmonious relationships or experience greater connection and love in your existing relationships. Also, if you think there are inherited or generational blocks that impact your life, this week’s shift healing will be directed to clear those from you and from your ancestors

  • Alignment with source and your higher self (so you are really clear on what you want to experience in your relationships)

  • Clearing Inherited imbalances

  • Clearing unhealthy energetic cords from past or current relationships

  • Healing relationship with soul destiny partners, mother earth, multiverse, and multidimensional soul experiences

  • Positive morphic fields


Harness the power of quantum energy healing to feel STRONGER. CONFIDENT. JOYFUL. CLEANSED



For the last 5 years, thousands of my clients all over the world have experienced transformation in their Physical, Mental and Emotional Health

The Shift Experience will change your perspective on life

Join this Group Healing Program that attunes your MIND, BODY, and SOUL to higher Planes of Consciousness

This is your chance to embark on an ever-deepening journey, entering new plateaus of understanding, developing positive mental patterns, and gaining new purpose and insights. During this group program, you will experience energy alignment on quantum level, as well as mental and physical shifts that may bring in a profound sense of wholeness in you.

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  • The process will be repeated for the duration of the SHIFT experience. You can also set new intentions before each session and then allow the healing energies to work for you.
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  • I see different slots available for booking. How does it work?
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  • I have booked but my intention for the healing has changed. What do I do?
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  • I am doing another healing program right now. Would it still be beneficial if I join you?
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  • I am not sure what to focus on for healing because there are so many things. Where do I start?
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  • Do I need to be meditating when you are doing the shift healing?
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