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Are you ready to release your trauma and stress so you can welcome abundance and success in every part of your life?

Then, my friend, the #TealTrio is here to wholeheartedly welcome you into our next group healing experience. 

But first, tell me, is this you?

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But first, tell me, is this you?

You’ve repeated those same sticky-note affirmations to yourself over and over, but the words feel empty and you wonder, am I actually worth it?


You’ve added and removed the same item from your online shopping cart and wishlist a hundred times because you don’t want to face the anxiety the credit card bill will bring at the end of the month...


You’ve swallowed back words of love and happiness and landed yourself in some super sticky relationship situations - at this point, it seems like a dead-end relationship is all that is written for you.


You’ve been seconds away from applying for your dream job or opportunity, but physically could not hit “send” because, guess what, you know you’re not going to get it anyways.



You’re stuck in an infinity loop. There are results in your life you are an inch away from getting… but there’s just always something in your way.

If only you could find a way to reach your optimal self in alignment with your energy for the highest potential...

Let’s imagine exactly what your life will look like after you heal from the emotional blocks stopping you from success.

  • Being wholeheartedly present in your relationships without burning out emotionally

  • Waking up and checking your inbox, which is always notifying you of another business opportunity. You are fulfilling your life purpose while being financially abundant. The whole time, you are relaxed and with a smile, accepting of this newfound bliss

  • You feel ready to put a payment towards that new house, new car, or take that trip and know that no matter what, you are finally thriving like you always wanted

  • Being able to cultivate unconditional love and acceptance towards yourself and others

Here's What Others Have Said About Our Group Healing

"I finally love to live again."

"I have been more calm and in tune  with my feelings."

"I felt powerful."

"I am more self-aware now."

"I can't wait for the next session."


Leave behind the loneliness of trying to figure out your life and emotions yourself, and join the ultimate group healing experience with the warmth and support of the Teal Trio

Yes, I'm Ready!

Meet the Teal Trio

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Aisha is a subconscious healing specialist, and founder of ‘aishaheals’. She is recognized as the fastest to complete the Emotion Code and Body Code Certification and her compassionate, authentic, kind and open-hearted approach makes her stand out from others. Using a combination of tools she gets to the root cause of what’s really triggering the imbalances showing up in minds and bodies and transforms them, sometimes in minutes! 

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Ahmed is a Certified Body Code Practitioner and PSYCH-K® facilitator. He left his very successful corporate career when he realized that his purpose in life is to help others get out of the mental prison just like he did. Having gone through a rough childhood and overcoming the struggles he had experienced with the help of subconscious reprogramming, his biggest passion is to show light to people who have lost their path due to the burdens they are carrying from their past traumatic experiences.

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Urooj is the face behind @divinelightheals, Emotion/Body Code practitioner and PSYCH-K® facilitator that is pursuing her passion of Holistic Healing where she helps and serves many for their Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Wellbeing. She truly believes in the power of holistic healing and feels that no amount of working out and dieting can help effectively until our mental and emotional state of being is balanced and healed.

In our group healing sessions, we use a combination of energy healing techniques, such as PSYCH-K® balances, Emotion Code and Body Code to work on your subconscious level of mind. We will release the emotional stress and trauma you are facing, so you can completely transform it into peace, non-attachment, forgiveness, and acceptance.

With group healing, you will be joined in a safe and intimate space by some amazing souls who are meant to share this experience and their energy with you. 

You are here for a reason, and it’s not by chance that your energy and subconscious mind has led you here... YOU are on the verge of breakthrough - let us guide you to it.

Let's Thrive!

Welcome to the 'Heal your Chakras" Series

for aligning the spiritual and physical so that you can manifest success at every dimensional plane of your existence.
3 Month Program - Only 15 slots for maximum support and healing

Sacral Chakra -

2nd Aug -1 PM EST

Feeling like you’ve lost the spark in life and the twinkle in your eyes? In this session we will be resetting the Sacral Chakra to: 

  • Clear creative blocks so you become a magnet for inspiration

  • Release distress due to emotional abuse so you can feel safe in your personal relationships 

  • Release guilt of past so you can thrive with your full potential

  • Build emotional stability so you are in control of your emotions instead of other way around

Solar Plexus Chakra -

9th Aug - 1 PM EST

Is your ‘to-do’ list the size of a behemoth while the ‘done’ list is home to crickets, recurring frustration, and nothing more? In this session, reset your Solar Plexus Chakra to:

  • Vaporize mindset beliefs, generational anger and self-doubt to manifest the confidence you need for intentional action

  • Clarify your mission in life and lean into your gut feeling to achieve your true intuition and higher purpose

  • Acknowledge and accept who you really are on higher dimensional planes of existence

Heart Chakra -

6th Sep - 1 PM EST

If every sad song playlist is bringing on the waterworks, turn down the heartbreak tunes and get off the ship that is sinking your relationships like the Titanic. In this session we will be resetting the Heart Chakra to:

  • Create an unbreakable connection with your open heart to your higher-self, God, and the Universe for unlimited inner wisdom

  • Cultivate an energy signature that guarantees unconditional love, acceptance and compassion towards yourself and humanity 

  • Release unhealthy relationship patterns to clear the path for healthy relationships on speed-dial.

Throat Chakra -

20th Sep - 1 PM EST

If you need to heal your inner voice so you can show up as your highest, most authentic self, in this Throat Chakra session we will:

  • Release blocks around inability to speak your personal truth so you can amplify your voice and story

  • Renew self-confidence around using your voice to shout your story from the rooftops

  • Release past trauma that suppressed your voice and take a sigh of relief knowing that your silence is no more

  • Enhance your creative power and abilities using the mind

Brow Chakra/Third Eye - 11th Oct - 1 PM EST

Breaking out into a cold sweat every time you need to decide what to wear, buy, eat, or do? Ditch the brain fog and quit using eenie-meenie-miney-moe for making decisions in your life. In this session, resetting the Brow Chakra will:

  • Release energetic blocks around intuition so you can finally trust your gut

  • Broaden your perception and expand your awareness beyond the five senses to be in sync with your life

  • Increase your ability to interpret your inner knowing and intuitive signs to feel in control instead of nervous

  • Activate channels of information that are accessible in higher dimensional timelines to make aligned choices without confusion

Crown Chakra -

25th Oct - 1 PM EST

Tie all your Chakras together to achieve the perfect mind, body, and soul harmony, because in this session we will reset the Crown Chakra to: 

  • Connect your physical body with your higher self and states of consciousness/ multidimensionality that transcends space and time - even better than a time machine because you’ll say hello to the newly empowered you of the future.

  • Be at peace with the flow of the river of life, allowing you to finally embrace this newfound presence of love, faith and gratitude

  • Experience deeper peace, harmony and joy so you can enjoy every second with your family, never regret a dollar spent, and be content with the energy vibes sent your way.


What You’ll Get

Get on the Waitlist
  • 6 Zoom Healing Sessions - 2 hrs/session

  • 3 follow up calls with bonus healing​s - 1 hr/call

Add on bonus for early bird full series purchase

  • Full body code session (done remotely)

  • 60-minute Root Chakra Healing

(For those of you who missed it the last time)

Sign up for the complete series - $699

Use code "THRIVE" to avail Early Bird Discount ($599)

Sign up for individual sessions - $125


Questions? Email me at

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