"“Working with Aisha has been seriously life-changing. I tell absolutely everyone about her work and the blessings she’s brought to my life. She has been so giving with both her energy and her time. With every session we’ve done, she’s asked for additional updates on how I’m doing and answered any and all questions I’ve had….Since having my heart wall cleared, I’ve experienced relief and healing I never thought possible.. My loved ones and myself notice a deeper ability to connect with those around me. I have a greater sense of peace. My anxiety isn’t controlling my life anymore. Things that used to seem impossible, I know I can get through even if they aren’t easy. I’m actually learning how to love myself which I never knew how to even begin to do. I’ve seen so much progress, but it doesn’t stop there. I’m continuing my work with Aisha even further with body code sessions and I’m looking forward to more breakthroughs. I can’t recommend her services enough.”


“Worth Every.Single.Penny. I feel better than I could ever remember. I feel less reactive, neutral and excited for the future which I have never felt in a long time. My chronic physical pain which I have been dealing with since the past 5 to 6 years has tremendously been reduced. I am also looking forward for the body code sessions to heal my physical issues completely. I highly recommend Aisha to anyone who is looking for a non-judgemental, compassionate and trustworthy practitioner to heal any emotional, physical or psychological problems. Much love ~Hajira”⠀


"I had a great experience with Aisha. We cleared my heart wall and I’m so excited to see the shifts in my life. I can’t wait to work on the body code sessions. Aisha has been very lovely and amazing at responding when I felt overwhelmed during the process. I knew I needed healing but I didn’t know how to go about it, until someone I know referred Aisha to me. I would highly recommend it to everyone ❤️ Thank you Aisha! 🙏🏽"⠀


"I have been feeling so light and free and some amazing healing and insight into my life and learning and I've totally been imploring the open heart and not shutting down or letting that fear get in when in the midst of things that normally would cause me anxiety and I can see another reason why cause my heart is cleared!!!"


“I had a wonderful experience with Aisha’s heart wall clearing. Prior to the clearing, I had felt lost to who I was as a person. The clearing helped to reveal my true authentic self. Since then I’ve felt nothing but love and abundance in my life. Thank you, Aisha for gifting this to me 🙏🏽 I’m forever grateful for the session and would highly recommend it to anyone interested!”⠀


The Heart Wall Clearing was the most magical healing experience ever for me. As a healer myself, I am surrounded by many healers. Some of them are very advanced but I found out that each has their own specialty and unique fingerprint. If you want to open your heart I recommend Aisha"💗Miriam”


During my heart wall clearing sessions, I noticed changes on many levels especially my emotions that used to be triggered by certain people and situations. Not only that but clients started pouring in as well so I noticed a significant change in my abundance and also my mindset towards money and abundance started changing. My Reiki energy flow had a major change and I used to feel a surge of strong energy flowing through my hands. Not only that but even my clients started reporting positive changes in so many areas of their lives that made me realize that the removal of the blocks within my body created by trapped emotions has opened up a new powerful flow of universal energy.  I am really grateful to the Universe for making me cross paths with Aisha and I look forward to leading a healthy life in every aspect.