It’s hard to know where to start to thank Aisha for what she has done. I had never really heard of work like this, although I am very open to it. I was definitely guided to her, I still don’t know how I came across her Instagram account, but it was meant to be. It took 6 months for me to get the courage to reach out and speak to Aisha, but the moment I did I had a good feeling. The heart wall clearing sessions left me feeling so much lighter and freer, almost like returning to my younger self, in terms of freedom. I began to love and appreciate everything with so much more ease. Lower level energy stopped really showing up for me, it was like a miracle. I made a massive life change I had been too scared to face into at that point. I felt so trapped and compromised, but the answers of how to came so clearly to me and I had newfound courage and a deep knowing it was right. So freeing! I have literally never looked back. I knew I also wanted to do the physical healing, and that felt a lot more to process. It shifted a lot of memories and blocks some of them painful and uncomfortable to feel again as they surfaced for clearing but it all passed quickly. I’m a totally different person. I have so many things that got healed as a ruler of my work with Aisha that I forgot to tell her about! Headaches for one. I used to get 2 or 3 a week on waking and I haven't had one for more than 3 weeks now. The list goes on of wonderful things I could say, but if you have been just thinking about working with Aisha, DO IT! Life can be so different when blocks are removed. Perspective shifts and your experience is so changed for the better. No amount of goal setting and meditation can get shifts like this when you have blocks that need clearing. That is so clear to me now! Thanks for your gifts Aisha. You are a beautiful soul.

- Alex S.Marc, USA

Working with Aisha has changed my life. I was divinely guided to her in a moment of my life where I had no choice but to change. She welcomed me with open arms and helped me uncover some of the deepest wounds, I never even knew I was carrying. Developing a heart wall at such a young age prevented me from truly feeling love in its real capacity, not only for myself but also from others around me. I had a deeply rooted pattern of dating the same man over and over. It was not until I cleared my heart wall that I understood why. Before discovering I had a heart wall, my relationship with my father was very strained. Aisha helped me find the very emotions that were blocking us from having a healthy, loving relationship. We now have a relationship I never dreamed was possible. I can not begin to thank Aisha enough for the work we did together. I do not know how I would have been able to heal these wounds if I had not done the heart wall clearing and emotion code clearings with her. I can not recommend working with her enough. Trust the path that led you to her in the first place. You are ready to heal and Aisha is by far one of the best healers to help you along this journey.

- Daniella, Los Angeles USA

I contacted Aisha requesting a session after my tooth pain had gotten quite severe. Without knowing she would do the healing the night before I had expected, I knew she had done it because the pain had dissipated that night. That was two nights ago and I'm still completely 100% pain free! I was so worried about whether I had severe cavities - or worse, needed a root canal. Now I'm still going to head to the dentist for a check up, but I'm so much more at ease now and really feel like my mouth has healed significantly. It wasn't just the pain itself she worked on, but all the connecting issues that contributed to it (including a 14-year addiction to diet pop). I'm feeling so much more optimistic about not only my dental health, but the possibility of getting over my addiction going forward too. She is so very wonderful and kind hearted and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to others who need healing. I myself won't hesitate to go to her again for future sessions! <3 Thank you Aisha, from the bottom of my heart.

- Danette Byatt, Ontario, Canada

So much good to say about Aisha, and her incredible Emotion Code process!! This was my first time ever considering energy healing as an option, but I decided to put my trust in Aisha and give it a try. I'll be honest, I didn't initially have high expectations coming into it. I was in a really bad spot, completely overwhelmed with life, and everything that had come along with it. I had 4 sessions over the course of a month to have my heartwall cleared. After each session, I was completely blown away by how accurate and specific Aisha's reports were about her findings!! I initially noticed some subtle changes within myself, but nothing drastic. After my final session and my heartwall was completely cleared, OH MY GOSH did the changes start to happen!! Almost instantly! Within days, every single aspect of my life began to change SIGNIFICANTLY. So much so that I found myself just sitting here, baffled, thinking to myself "is this real life right now!?" Things that I never even thought of started falling into place, all of my worries and doubts were suddenly gone, old traumatic situations that I never thought it would be possible to release - GONE! Literally EVERYTHING in my life changed overnight. It's been some time now since completing this process, and I still can't believe it some days! My only regret is not finding Aisha sooner. Her process is 100% legitimate, her results are 100% real. If you are considering if this could benefit you in any way, DO IT. You will not regret it. Best thing I've ever done, without a doubt. Thank you so very much, Aisha

- Steph J, USA

I am a mom of 3, with 2 being on the Autism spectrum. My second child(almost 7 years) was having severe anxiety and frustration because of that. Even a little thing like my daughter (my other ASD child) keeping her hands/legs in a particular way would lead to a meltdown. He is verbal but only to get his needs across and there is a lot of echolalia, but would never communicate his feelings. Prior to starting EC for him with Aisha, we were struggling to keep ourselves from becoming insane with his tantrums. Alhamdulillah (praises to God), after one EC session, I could see his tantrums going down. The second session was difficult for us with his anger returning, maybe because it brought out the deep rooted emotions.. the third session was the one which made a real shift in him, now I can say his tantrums and anxiety is gone. His aggression has reduced and his younger brother is able to play with him without getting bitten. He is still hyper and has OCD and still does things for ‘fun’, but with his anxiety gone, we are at a better place than we were just 2 months back before starting EC. We are now moving on to BC to address these issues. Even people who knew us prior to this can see change in his attitude. There are also a lot more changes I am seeing, like giving his supplements without his dad holding and fighting him and also he is able to transition easily. Two days back, he was sick, he told me ‘my stomach hurt’ and actually allowed me to apply oil on his tummy to ease the pain rather than throwing a tantrum and having me guess what is going on.. as you can see, I can go on and on.. but between my daughter and my son, I have done several protocols over several years, and I can say for sure, this is one of the very few, if not the only one, which has given us such profound results in such a short time. It is also the easiest. I highly recommend Aisha and her healing modality and I thank God for bringing them into my life.

- Umme Rinaz, Texas

There is no other feeling as good as getting healed of all the known and unknown bothersome that one has been through. A peaceful mind is a blessing to have. Applause to 

aishaheals’s amazing Emotion code therapy. It is worth trying. Those sessions did the best to me. Earlier, I thought, “would I ever be able to put off all that is on my nerves and get a breath?” Later, after taking the Emotion Code sessions, I am pleased with the results. There is no more anxiety, pessimism, panic attacks or negativity. I got rid of the heart wall. I am relieved. I am peaceful. I am up high with the hopes and more passionate towards my work than ever before. I am happy..... and for that, I am thankful to you Aisha. You did a commendable job. I am satisfied with the privacy rules that you follow for the sessions. On top of that, your way of communication is so dearly that puts one on ease and builds a trust to share the heart out. I will highly recommend this Emotion Code therapy to everyone. It’s like meeting the lighter, happy and a new you. I wonder how I had pulled on with so much of load on my heart for that long. I will definitely be calling you out for the follow ups in the future as well. Feeling content. Thank you very much aishaheals :) keep healing!

- Jane A, USA


"Ever since Aisha removed my heart wall and released my trapped emotions I've been able to connect on a deeper level with my Son and I've been able to walk away from two very toxic relationships. I feel like I can finally see and ACCEPT people and situations for what they actually are instead of what I wanted or hoped they could be. I've developed a deep and true love for myself and feel confident that I will never settle for less than I deserve again because of it. Thank you, Aisha, you truly worked a MIRACLE on my life!"

- Krista D, USA


After just one session I felt so connected to my heart and truth that I became 100% aware of my worthiness, of my heart's desire and ready to serve it. It is really amazing what you do and thank you from the bottom of my heart! The world needs more healers and healing and I guess it's time I became one too! So thanks for inspiring me also! Namaste! Bless you! Thank you Aisha, I don’t understand how but your healing has quickly and effectively vanquished deeply embedded emotions that I’ve been trying to release for years through reiki and other healing techniques. I was amazed at how you were able to catalogue each and every emotion by age and release them so effectively. Since working your magic; my heart wall is clear and already I feel a lot more energetic, sleep better, have more lucid dreams and my motivation has noticeably increased. Thank you so much, you’ve made a huge difference!

- Raluca Pitiriciu , France


Got my heart wall removed today and I felt so high in energy, prior to Aisha telling me about the final session results. So, my heart already knew my "NEW ME". I was struggling with career blocks since 3 years and was highly demotivated. These sessions have cleared the supposed barriers in my mind and I feel I am ready to glide high. Highly, highly recommended emotion/ body code practitioner. What I love about her is that she is so deeply involved at every step and she is truly concerned about our happiness just like our own family. Whenever I told her that I felt good after her sessions, she was happier than me so I assure everyone, you cannot find more personalized recovery service than Aishaheals and it's not only service for Aisha, it's her source of exchanging happiness; the happiness she derives when she sees others happy. Thank you Aisha for freeing me from my hidden negative emotions and helping me see the life with a new perspective.

- Sana Z, Pakistan


No words can explain my gratitude for the help you have been doing. I have to say that not only you take care of your clients but also make them feel that their problem is yours. The way you have taken over our case is beyond kindness. I have been feeling very positive. Light. Motivated and full of energy after all my sessions. There was some downtime aswell but that was part of the processing. I have firm belief that things will become easier for us soon. You deserve best of the best for helping people in a way that not many understand or have never thought of. May you see more and more success with every passing day! You Rock girl!!

- Urooj Kazmi, Canada


It is not that easy to explain, what exactly changed with removing my heartwall. After the second session I had the biggest shift, I thought I was flying. It is now like I am Closer to myself more than ever. Actions and word's of people around just dont affect me that much anymore. It happens for a Moment, but it isnt triggered as Deep as before- in critisism, in compliments or confirmation, in Situation where People want to use my positive energy. I feel so free!! The past months I have been working on myself and on my ego, but you Helped me to understand and develop to the better, the calmer and happier in Highspeed! 

- Adrenalina Fuchs 


I had the great opportunity & blessing to be granted a free session with her through Instagram 2 weeks ago, and I felt lighter right after and also felt a rush of fresh energy flow through all my being. It felt as if a veil was removed , a fresh state of mind as if something was lift off my energy field. 

She removed many trapped emotions on this free session. 3 days ago we started to work on my heart wall and Iím literally feeling hooks being removed from the back of my physical heart since . Itís my 3rd day after session and Iím feeling hopeful with healing and removing trapped emotions from many life traumas I e experienced in this existence.I canít stop thanking her and recommending her .God bless you Aisha for this amazing gift you have. Forever thankful and grateful to God to had sent me you to help me heal.

- Jac Castorino


Awesome, Iíve really enjoyed working with you and am letting everyone know how amazing the healing process is with emotional and body code - Iíd recommend you to everyone. :) I feel Iíve benefited so much, itís subtle but I am feeling so clear and balanced now - being moon ruled and emotional, Iíve always been all over the place with each passing phase, but now I feel a beautiful serenity in myself and ready to take on the world. All the best Aisha, go well.

- J.S, Newzealand


I was going through an emotionally exhausted phase of my life and by luck I fell into AishaHealsí instagram account. Although skeptical, I instantly booked my first session and it was one of the best decisions ive ever made. I used to suffer from anxiety and panic attacks along with a strong sense of bitterness towards life. I was also a person who has a hard time talking about feelings and expressing myself. After my first session, I felt a strange sense of lightness and relief. By then i knew i was on the right track to healing. I recommend the heart wall clearing to everyone and especially to the ones who feel like quitting on life. Last tip to everyone, listen to your body and be kind and patient with yourself. Thank You Aisha for helping make this world a better place.

- S.A, UAE


I came across Aisha through one of the Instagram handles I follow. The words 'Emotion Code' had me intrigued, so I went on to go through her profile. She was offering a few complimentary mini sessions at that time. She had managed to pique my interest, so I messaged her and booked one. When she got back to me with the session report, I was flabbergasted with what she had managed to unearth. Emotions from events and situations long swept under the carpet had crawled back up during the session, and I was able to relate to each of them. Immediately after, I felt a huge surge of energy, something I had not felt in months. I knew right then that the healing was having its desired effect. Within a few days, I booked myself in for a bundle of 3 full sessions because I was fully convinced of the astonishing power of the Emotion Code by then. With each session, there were more hidden emotions surfacing and being released. I started to feel better and better, as if invisible dead weights were being peeled away from my mind, layer by layer. By the end of the third session, Aisha had managed to completely clear my heart wall, and I felt so good to boot. Needless to say, I was over the moon! I’m now seeing positive changes in different realms of my life, and for that, I'm forever grateful to Aisha. She has been a godsend to me. Aisha is now working on me with the Body Code, and this is even more magical than the Emotion Code. Earnestly loving how my body is being rid of so many unknown and unseen trapped emotions, and getting that much-needed opportunity to heal and rejuvenate. Both Emotion Code and Body Code are like gifting yourself oodles of self-love. 

I highly recommend Aisha to anyone who is looking to heal. She is delightfully warm, caring, and responsive. And it is probably these qualities more than anything else, that are helping this beautiful soul break down all those stubborn heart walls and getting people to heal from past wounds. Did I just reveal your secret power, Aisha? :) Love you Aisha. More power to you and your healing prowess!  Lots of love and heartfelt gratitude,

- E.M, Scotland