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I believe that healing doesn’t have to feel heavy.


Using the power of subconscious mind to rewire your old belief systems, I help you transform your energetic blocks, Trapped Emotions and limiting beliefs –so you can move through life feeling clear and confident in your career, relationships and mindset.

Even if you’re coming through my digital door feeling like:


  • You’re constantly anxious (in social situations and in your head)

  • You’re always worrying about money (financial security is the *dream*)

  • You can’t seem to leave toxic relationships (and you keep attracting the wrong partner for you)

  • Your career is stagnating (and your creativity is zapped)


… And most of all, your life isn’t exactly representative of the balanced, positive, fearlessly happy person you want to be… 

When you work with me, I pick up on exactly what’s not serving you and (internally) delete it –– painlessly.

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I believe that healing doesn’t have to feel heavy.

Even if you’re coming through my digital door feeling like:


Meet Aisha

Hi! I’m Aisha –– Your new soul BFF, rose quartz hoarder and guiding light.


I’m a subconscious healing specialist, Body Code Practitioner, PSYCH-K® Facilitator and founder of ‘aishaheals’. I help people who have tried everything and lost hope in their healing to take back their power and step into freedom and fulfilment, so they can remember their true potential and purpose in life.

I’ve been addicted to self-transformation since forever. (I was into doing firewalks, fourth dimension time travels and spoon bending in my teenage years), leading me to gather multiple skills along the way which ultimately brought me to this point where I was able to find a formula for healing that is NOT painful and actually works! 

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“Clearing my heart wall has opened the connection to intuition and inspiration in ways I did not expect. I am so excited for this journey of healing and discovery!!! Thank you Aisha for the healing you have facilitated and many blessings to you. I know that there is so much learning and growth in my future now that this block has been cleared! I highly recommend Aisha and her healing practice!”


98% of all humans have a heart wall, which is a symbolic wall made up of trapped emotions created by our subconscious

In every single package I offer, clearing your Heart Wall through the Emotion Code will always be our first step forward.



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Working with Aisha has changed my life. I was divinely guided to her in a moment of my life where I had no choice but to change. She welcomed me with open arms and helped me uncover some of the deepest wounds I never even knew I was carrying. Developing a heart wall at such a young age prevented me from truly feeling love in its real capacity, not only for myself but also from others around me. I had a deeply rooted pattern of dating the same man over and over. It was not until I cleared my heart wall that I understood why. Before discovering I had a heart wall, my relationship with my father was very strained. Aisha helped me find the very emotions that were blocking us from having a healthy, loving relationship. We now have a relationship I never dreamed was possible. I can not begin to thank Aisha enough for the work we did together. I do not know how I would have been able to heal these wounds if I had not done the heart wall clearing and emotion code clearings with her. I can not recommend working with her enough. Trust the path that led you to her in the first place. You are ready to heal and Aisha is by far one of the best healers to help you along this journey.