The Emotion Code

The Emotion Code is the latest form of energy healing created by Dr. Bradley Nelson using muscle-testing (Kinesiology) to determine which negative emotions are trapped in your body, and then releasing each trapped emotion one at a time. 

The Body Code

The Body Code is the most sophisticated and complete method of energy healing that allows to identify and correct anything that is wrong in the body. The Body Code is not meant to replace any medical treatment, but by fixing the underlying imbalances in the body, it triggers the body’s self-healing ability. As a result, pain, malfunction and disease often disappear, immune system is boosted and emotional issues become manageable or non existent.

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Working with Aisha has changed my life. I was divinely guided to her in a moment of my life where I had no choice but to change. She welcomed me with open arms and helped me uncover some of the deepest wounds, I never even knew I was carrying. Developing a heart wall at such a young age prevented me from truly feeling love in its real capacity, not only for myself but also from others around me. I had a deeply rooted pattern of dating the same man over and over. It was not until I cleared my heart wall that I understood why. Before discovering I had a heart wall, my relationship with my father was very strained. Aisha helped me find the very emotions that were blocking us from having a healthy, loving relationship. We now have a relationship I never dreamed was possible. I can not begin to thank Aisha enough for the work we did together. I do not know how I would have been able to heal these wounds if I had not done the heart wall clearing and emotion code clearings with her. I can not recommend working with her enough. Trust the path that led you to her in the first place. You are ready to heal and Aisha is by far one of the best healers to help you along this journey.

Daniella, Los Angeles USA