I believe my purpose is to help others step into freedom and fulfillment, so they can get out of their own way to serve from their highest self.




At the age of 25, i was brutally traumatized with the loss of my father (and then my sister passed away few years later). It felt emotionally impossible to bear the pain of losing them but at the same time, this pain invoked my spiritual awakening and journey of "self-healing".I found myself on a quest to learn: why is it so difficult to heal from trauma, and most importantly –– does it have to feel so hard and heavy?I decided it was time to uncover a new way of recovering from the pain in our lives.


After working as an IT Professional for 10 years –– and loving it –– I decided to call it quits and follow the voice I continued to hear urging me to follow my inner calling: helping others move through pain with greater ease and less suffering.


So I tried Reiki, hypnosis, EFT –– you name it, I’m probably certified in it.

But then I found the practice of the Emotion and Body Code…   

Based on the principles of quantum science, I discovered this healing system developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, which was designed to release trapped emotions and trigger our body’s capacity to self-heal…

… And it changed everything. 

I decided to try Emotion Code on myself, as after the birth of my first child, I developed severe back pain. This debilitating pain severely affected my quality of life, and simple day-to-day tasks were excruciatingly painful. I was seeing a chiropractor three times a week for treatments who commented that my back was like that of a 60-year-old’s. During the healing, I found some trapped emotions in my pelvic area from childbirth. I released these emotions and the next morning the pain was gone! COMPLETELY gone! And it never came back!


The results I started to see –– in my own life and within my clients –– were way more profound than any other healing modality I had experienced.


Combined with PSYCH-K® Belief transformation tools and a healthy helping of my intuition (that’s what happens when you spend years working on yourself), I’ve been able to get to the root cause of what’s *really* triggering the imbalances showing up in minds and bodies and transforming them, sometimes in minutes! 


You are here for a reason

Because I know there’s a bigger picture for you that looks a little blurry right now… But we can bring it all into focus with this unique approach!

We are not connected by chance.. YOU are on the verge of breakthrough!

My daughter tells everyone she knows about the power of this work (parent-teacher meetings get so embarrassing), so if my enlightened nine year-old can get on board… 


What about you?

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