Perfect for you if you need expert and personalized healing to understand the root cause of your symptoms.

If you feel ready for a high level of personal transformation and are ready to meet yourself in a way you’ve *never* experienced before, this package is a great place to start.


The ROOT package includes:

  • My signature heart wall clearing (if you qualify and if needed)

  • Powerful combination of The Emotion Code, The Body Code and light medicine healing to uncover and heal the heavy, emotional baggage you’re lugging around 

  • Chakra alignment and healing (including Inner Child chakra healing)

  • Energy healing of any physical discomfort

  • Inner child healing

  • Healing the generational and ancestral emotional baggage and traumas

  • Total of 5 sessions with detailed email reports (no zoom session included)

  • NEW: Integrative light medicine healing to achieve total wellness through accessing and healing higher levels of consciousness


*Sessions will be tweaked to include one or more of these according to each person’s unique healing requirements*

Perfect for anyone new to quantum energy healing (or who has tried other modalities with little success) and feels ready for a high level of personal transformation. We can focus on 1-2 main issues in the sessions and release the underlying blocks on physical, mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual and dimensional levels.

Ideal if you want to:

  • Improve your relationships, confidence, career, sense of self-worth and anxiousness

  • Flourish and unlock abundance in any/all areas of life

  • Unblock anything from your past that might be holding you back from serving with your highest self

  • Step into greater healing and go beyond the basics

  • Target more specific physical pain you may be experiencing

  • Heal your inner child

  • Release *heavy* trauma your body has been carrying


Your investment in yourself:

  • 5 sessions for USD 1,111 (Email Sessions) – Payment Plan available

*Right now booking for April 2022 and onwards




Perfect for you if you want to dive deeper and change the limiting subconscious beliefs that are blocking you from reaching your goals with the PSYCH-K®.

The GROW package supports focused subconscious re-programming that leads to changes in behavior, beliefs, emotions, and perceptions with the help of PSYCH-K® balances.

PSYCH-K® changes the underlying programs that create your daily experiences, which impacts the quality of the rest of your life.

With the GROW package we can work on:

  • Transforming perception of a stressful event/trauma from past or stress of an upcoming situation in future

  • Addictions

  • Clearing self-sabotaging beliefs causing lack of self-confidence, trust and self-love

  • Clearing harmful negative beliefs related to relationships, career, abundance and creativity and replacing them with self-empowering beliefs


Ideal if you want to:

  • Release the hurt/pain of a specific incident, memory, or loss of a loved one

  • Release a specific phobia, fear, or limitation 

  • Experience deeper relationships, and stronger connection by harnessing strong positive beliefs

  • Improve self-love, self-acceptance, self-confidence, self-compassion and self-esteem

  • Improve finances, career goals, prosperity

  • Enhance your intuition, spiritual connection, and spiritual gifts


Your investment in yourself:

  • 2 hours - 555 USD

  • 4 hours - 999 USD (Ideal for Core Belief Balance and Relationship Balance)



*These hours can be broken down into multiple smaller sessions according to each client’s individual needs.

*Right now booking for April 2022 and onwards






Transformational deep healing and coaching program. Perfect for you if you want to get to the core of what’s holding you back and integrate powerful healing –– with accountability and private, continued support.


The BLOOM is the most high-value program that offers a combined approach of integrating Light medicine work, PSYCH-K®, Body Code™ and Emotion Code™ to best deal with your issues. This is for you if you are tired of your challenges and chronic issues. 


My goal with this offering is to empower you to heal yourself, learn the tools and implement them, and have an amazing life free from the shackles of your past.


The BLOOM package includes:

  • My signature approach including Light medicine principles, PSYCH-K®, Body Code and Emotion Code to best deal with your issues

  • Goal setting and alignment

  • Stress transformation for Physical Discomfort, Traumas or any upcoming event/situation

  • Inner child healing

  • Health evaluations and healing

  • NEW: Personal offensive energy clearings

  • NEW: Soul type, soul mission and purpose understanding

  • NEW: Learn Muscle Testing and ask the right questions so you can heal yourself

  • NEW: Powerful healing frequencies sent after each session

  • Private post-session Voxer support 

  • Total of 8 or 12 sessions (with the option to do 3 sessions over 1:1 Zoom calls with Aisha)


Ideal if you want to:

  • Improve your relationships, confidence, career, sense of self-worth and anxiousness

  • Fully stand in your power and self-worth

  • Shift your reactive triggers, permanently

  • Receive ongoing support to integrate your healing more powerfully

  • Understand your life purpose and mission and align your life to fulfill it

  • Go deeper and heal beyond the physical and energetics. We work on the spiritual, dimensional and multiverse levels to make sure we leave no energy block behind –– we work through *all* of it together!


Your investment in yourself:

  • 8 sessions at 2,222 USD - Payment plan options available


  • 12 sessions at 3,333 USD - Payment plan options available


*Right now booking for April 2022 and onwards




 Perfect for couples that want to reconnect, revive passion and work together to thrive in their relationship. 

The HARVEST package is designed to support both people in a relationship, by healing broken hearts (and heart walls) so they can better serve each other in greater alignment with their highest selves. Together, we’ll focus on how to bring greater intimacy, passion and communication into your lives –– or uncover whether it’s time to part ways peacefully.


The HARVEST package includes:

  • My signature heart wall clearing (for each individual)

  • Collective energetic cord clearings and reset

  • A combined approach of Light medicine healing, Body Code and Emotion code to release relationship misalignments, negative soul contracts and intimacy blocks

  • Private post-session Voxer support

  • Total of 16 email sessions (with option to do Four session over 1:1 Zoom calls)


Ideal for your relationship if both partners want to:

  • Communicate with more love and less frustration

  • Clear past inner child trauma that may be impacting how you experience each other

  • Be more physically intimate (and understand what’s getting in the way right now)

  • Increase your chemistry and ignite the fire again

  • Step into greater forgiveness, empathy and understanding

  • Commit to continuous work on the relationship, even if couples counselling wasn’t the right fit or didn’t make a long-lasting impact (this might do the trick!)


Your investment in your relationship:

  • 16 sessions at USD 3,999

*Payment plan options also available. *One Slot available for May 2022

To assess if your relationship will benefit from this package, Aisha requires an initial 20-minute consultation call with both partners –– together.




Healing for the entire family! The family that heals together, stays together, right? This package offers value for your family as you will experience the benefits together and notice the shift in your home towards more positive, and thriving lives. As your family starts to heal from past traumas, you will be able to become more calm and loving towards one another.


In these sessions, I will work with each family member so that I can help with releasing the trapped emotions and clearing the heart walls most effectively.


This is the most popular package to clear heart walls for families. 


The FAMILY package include:


  • My signature heart wall clearing (for each individual)

  • Collective energetic cord clearings and reset

  • A combined approach of Body Code and Emotion code to release relationship misalignments

  • Focused healing on individual issues

  • You may distribute the sessions within the family members however you deem fit

  • Voxer Support

  • Multiple options available (choose depending on your family size and needs)


Your investment in your family:

  • 11 sessions at USD 2,677 

  • 14 sessions at USD 3,411

  • 20 sessions at USD 4,777


 Note: Family packages do not include PSYCH-K right now.

*Payment plan options also available on request. Email info@aishaheals.com to request


This remote session is perfect for if you are new here and want to experience how the healing sessions work.

The Introductory (email) Session includes:

  • Initial Evaluation Scan

  • Details of Imbalances released and corrected

  • Information about your Heart Wall

  • Your personalized healing roadmap


Ideal if you want to:

  • Try out Subconscious and light medicine healing  but are not sure where to start and how you will react to the healing

  • Become more aware of the root causes of many of the problems in your life 

  • Book single session for maintenance after going through any of the healing programs with Aisha before


Your Investment In Yourself : 

  • $199 (one time remote session)

  • $255 (60-80 minutes Zoom Session - Best for stand-alone PSYCH-K®  work or Live Body Code work)

*all prices are in USD


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